God is the center of my life, the very essence of my being. We are called according to his purpose, to fulfill our destiny; the perfect plan he has for our lives. I believe we are all a work in progress. He is always there to pick us up when we fall and to show us the way to go. I believe nothing is so entangled that God cannot sort it all out and make something beautiful of the mess we bring him. I encourage you to find his plan for your life. He offers the very best life we can have, through his son, Jesus!

All credit for any accomplishment goes to my Lord. May I humbly walk worthy of the calling, the gift he has entrusted to me.

Family is very important to me. I believe we have a special assignment to form the lives of our children; after all, they were placed in our care by a loving God, who entrusted them to us. I love spending time with our children and grandchildren. Our home becomes quite chaotic when everyone comes over for holidays or Sunday dinner. Children running through the house, splashing in the pool, or just snuggled up next to Grandma Raine and Pop Pop, make this life so much richer.

My husband is my true love, mirroring God’s strength and love. He is my leaning post and I am his. I am in my happy place when I’m snuggled up next to him. Married for thirty-six years, Norm’s missionary/evangelistic work consumes our time in a wonderful way. You can find out more about the humanitarian aid given to the Amerindian villages by visiting Norm’s Mission page. Somehow, we still find time to sneak away for that special alone time we cherish.

My mother has had a wonderful impact on my life. A woman of faith, she has taught me so many valuable lessons, gently holding my hand along the way. Always encouraging, she is the epitome of what a mother should be. She will always be a part of who I am. I love you, Mother!

We have wonderful friends, spread across this beautiful country from Alaska to Florida and many points in between. God has blessed us with dear, cherished people from all walks of life; people who join with us in the missionary ministry or just bring joy by being a part of our lives.

Writing is my passion. I respect it for what it is; a gift from my Lord. My desire is to bring honor and glory to him, helping someone along the way with words of encouragement and hope, while providing wholesome entertainment.

I am a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. I have always loved to write. I wrote a school play in third grade. My high school English and Literature classes brought me great pleasure. Composition furthered the need to write, propelling me into the script with a teacher who beckoned me forward and who now is a prominent attorney.

While raising my children, I found some time to read. Historical romance novels were my favorite. The children are now grown and I am the magazine editor for my husband’s ministry. I enjoy writing stories about the lives of the Amerindian people, showing how they live and how the team ministers to their needs.

The seed lying dormant within my heart has now burst into full bloom. My first historical inspirational romance series is complete, the Laurel Oaks Trilogy. Hope you'll read and enjoy each one; Love at Laurel Oaks, Katherine's Heart, and Hannah and the Preacher. Many more books are making melody within my heart. So the writing continues and I hope it will never end!

So, you may sum up my interests by saying I love spending time with family, running away with my husband, reading, writing, visiting antebellum homes, and smelling the roses in the rose garden my husband designed for me.