My first three novels were published in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Below are descriptions of the Laurel Oak Trilogy. They are currently not available for purchase. Love at Laurel Oaks is the first book in the series.

Elizabeth Rose Baxter knew the minute Ethan Dodson pushed her on a swing as children that she would love him forever. But in the post Civil War period in which they live, she didn’t know the complications that might arise in love. With her impending departure for finishing school, and Ethan’s reticence to discuss the future, she begins to lose hope. Amidst the capers of the Floridians and Native Americans, Elizabeth’s family is constantly in the limelight. Ethan can’t bear to make his intentions known with the realization that he can’t offer the lifestyle his Beth Rose is accustomed to. Follow this delightful romance penned by first-time author Rebecca Lorraine Walker. Will Elizabeth find Love at Laurel Oaks?

This book received 4 stars from Romantic Times BOOKreviews. With a grateful heart, I thank my Lord! I also wish to thank Tate Publishing for believing in me and supplying a team of talented people to bring this project to fruition, from manuscript to book! I thank my family for their good advice, critique, and for sharing the excitement! Wonderful blessings to my devoted husband who always encourages me to write. He is so understanding during those long hours of editing, research, and revisions which take place on the pc in my editor’s chair. The writing is the fun part, sitting next to him on the couch with my laptop; now that’s my happy place!

My second novel in the Laurel Oaks Trilogy is Katherine's Heart.

Katherine’s Heart spotlights Katherine Baxter as the main character with the oh so polished Dr. Wyatt Baldwin, the Northern Bostonian. Will the doctor’s suspicious behavior cause his quiet young nurse’s heart to close toward him? Jump in the carriage of nineteenth century romance, tie your sunbonnet against the bright Florida sun, and settle in for a ride. Experience the twists and turns of trust and betrayal. Will the doctor win the prize he so desires? Only God can know Katherine’s heart.

Hannah and the Preacher is the third novel in the Laurel Oaks Trilogy.

Returning home from Mrs. Fancy La Peau’s Finishing School, Hannah Baxter cannot wait to see her suitor, Isaac Eaton, graduate of Law at the University. When a most unfortunate accident occurs, she begins to doubt his devotion. The circuit riding preacher, Wendell Cunningham, returns but believes her heart belongs to Isaac. Accepting an invitation to study art under the fine tutelage of Jacques De Ponte, will Hannah ever cross paths with the preacher again? When Isaac comes calling will she accept his proposal? This book is humorous and a fun read.