Norm On A Mission

My husband’s mission is to reach the lost for Jesus and to show Christ’s love in the form of humanitarian aid to those less fortunate. While his ministry spans seven countries, his main focus is to the Amerindians of the rain forest of Guyana, South America. Ministering in evangelistic services, seminars, and various ministries, Norm and his team give hope to the people. Over 30 churches have been built by NWM in the interior rain forest of Guyana. Well drilling, fishing, food, and many necessities are offered through Norman Walker Ministries. Twenty percent of children in the rain forest of Guyana die before the age of five due to bad drinking water. Norm and his team are helping to greatly reduce those numbers, with over 325 wells now drilled in the interior. View the pictures on this page which depict the Amerindian way of life. Norm ships tons of clothing, agricultural tools, sewing supplies, well equipment, Bibles, boat motors, fishing supplies etc. each year to distribute to these needy people. When we step back and take a look at what God has done, we are truly amazed. We do not solicit funds. It is our belief that God will supply the things necessary for ministry; and he has. Several people have caught the vision and are a blessing to this ministry. Everything accomplished is to the glory of God!

Norm is my hero! Never claiming to be perfect, Norm offers love and compassion to hurting individuals both at home and abroad. He lives and breathes to help someone in need, always lending a hand and an encouraging word. I love you Norm! I’m so glad God gave you to me! You are one of his special people and my number one special person!

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