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What readers are saying about Love at Laurel Oaks

Walker’s trilogy starter is delightful. The characters are believable and she delivers a message of salvation and hope throughout the book. The 19th-century Florida setting could be a new one for some readers – they’ll love the historical facts peppered within the pages. 4 stars ~ Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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An uplifting and sweet historical adventure, that's not afraid to have fun now and then!
Lawana Blackwell, author of The Gresham Chronicles

From the first, I couldn’t put this book down; I didn’t want to. There was never a time when I wanted to put it down. I would read a chapter and the next and I wanted to keep reading; I couldn’t stop. I would put it down and pick it back up. I had to read a little more. Anyone who buys and reads this book will never be sorry. I could see God all the way through this book. It was astounding and I was ecstatic; it was totally dynamite! I’m going to read it again; probably over and over. It is absolutely fabulous. While reading, the Lord would quicken me to pay attention to something that would come out later that I would need. The book was so God-inspired. It is full of Godly principles. If people will see and apply these principles they will find hope for a better life. If they will take it to heart and get a hold of it, it will be a great encouragement. This book is awesome, awesome. I believe it will touch a lot of lives.
Lucy ~ Florida

The book was simply amazing and I can’t stop telling people about it…and I’m not just being nice…it is really, really good. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be giving it out as gifts for Christmas. The women in my family are just going to love it. I’m sure we’ll all be eagerly anticipating your next book.
Tiffany ~ Oklahoma

I finished your book a couple of weeks ago. If I can’t get into a book by the first or second chapter, I just lay it down. By this time in your book, I didn’t want to put it down. I kept wanting to know what happens next. I love stories set in this time era. Ethan and Elizabeth’s life is turning out so well I can’t wait to read about Katherine. Since I finished the book Mom is now enjoying it. God bless!
Marie ~ Florida

Love at Laurel Oaks is awe-inspiring, renewing one’s hope in Christ. Ethan and Elizabeth’s trials, along with other characters’, was a reminder of how faith in God triumphs over any obstacle. Lee and Leeza Ketchin’s circumstance reminds us that love never fails; the greatest of these is love. The blessing baskets should inspire us to reach out to those in need. What a difference giving of ourselves can make in someone’s life. The Baxters are a very giving, loving family, reaching out to hurting people. Excellent, awesome book! I couldn’t put this book down! A must read! Angel ~ Florida

I just finished Love at Laurel Oaks this morning before church and absolutely loved it!!! You are definitely gifted by God to write and I can’t wait until your next one comes out! Please let me know when it does.
Julie ~ New York

Love at Laurel Oaks was so very good. It portrayed the plan of salvation and how God solves problems, helping people through situations that look impossible. It shows much of old Florida history. You’ll laugh at the humor. The book has a very timely message for today, portraying Christian life the way it should be. This book reaches out and takes a hold of you; that’s the kind of book I like. It leaves you wanting to read the next book.
Helen ~ Florida

Love at Laurel Oaks kept my interest. It was very good, I loved it! Can’t wait for the next book!
Carol ~ Florida

Lorraine, I couldn’t put down “Love at Laurel Oaks.” It was an enjoyable book; truly inspirational! I can’t wait for the next book. I’ll be your first customer! Loved it!
Bertie ~ Florida

Lorraine, you did such a wonderful job writing this book. It is so good. Everyone I know will love it.
Reva ~ Floridaa

I wish to thank my readers for their kind words of praise. You bless me! I thank my God, the lender of the gift of writing! All praise and glory to Him!

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What readers are saying about Katherine's Heart

I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Katherine's Heart. It was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed Love at Laurel Oaks and was waiting on Katherine's Heart. Your books keep getting better!! When I read your books, I can just imagine everything as it happens and it leaves a wonderful image in my mind. Your books are very inspirational, romantic and make me laugh at times too! As you know, I am not much of a reader; however, I have enjoyed reading both of your books. Now, I am quite anxious to read your third book in this trilogy. When can I get my hands on the next book? (Who will your next book be about? - Hannah and Wendell, I hope!)

Missy ~ Florida

This book took off like a race horse. It is a masterpiece.

What readers are saying about Hannah and the Preacher

Lorraine, when I finished Love at Laurel Oaks, I thought it was the best book I had ever read. And then I read Katherine's Heart. Both books are hard to put down, the best of the best. From laughing to crying and oh no...this part cannot be happening! To see the love of our heavenly Father and his forgiveness is in a format everyone one that reads each book can understand. And than I read Hannah and the Preacher. Oh my, it is my favorite. This book just keeps on moving. I loved Hannah's personality, she keeps it real while somehow trying to be proper. And the ache is Wendell's heart is so deep and real...But God has a plan and that plan is always working in their lives. The best of the best!
Carole ~ Florida

Lorraine, I just finished Hannah and the Preacher. I read it in 3 or 4 evenings. It’s like a box of chocolates you want to savor and not eat the whole box at one time.
Ron ~ Florida

Book is going very good so far. Currently, I’m tagging along as we visit the Seminole Indians with Grandpappy, Hannah, and the good looking preacher… and the romantic butterflies are fluttering! I’m dying to know the mystery of why Hannah got bonked on the head!

Shhh………don’t tell me, it will be uncovered at just the perfect time! The suspense is half the fun. You know what I find is staying with me when I am not reading? It is the small prayers that each of the characters lift up to the Lord as they meet obstacles or disappointments throughout their day. I find myself doing the same thing, and in some cases lifting up similar prayers. It also is helping me memorize scripture. Like when the Indians were in a challenge, and the message of Isaiah (No weapon formed against you) was preached as encouragement. Well, since these scriptures are in the context of a story, it helps me to really learn and not forget, because there is an example of the context in which these scriptures can pertain to. Jesus also used stories! He knew the impact they had. Sharing the truth within a story really drives the truth home!

I finished the book a couple days ago. I really enjoyed it. I found myself wanting to talk like Ezra and Eliza when I was cooking and meandering around the house! You really bring it home on those accents! I’m excited about your next book. I miss having the reading material to look forward to, now that I finished the book. It’s kind of like chocolate, you can indulge piece by piece saving some for later, or indulge it all at once because it is so good! I found myself reading and reading and reading…. I probably “indulged” too fast. LOL
Michelle ~ Florida

I’m reading your third book now. This one is the best yet. I’m reading it slow to make it last. I always feel kinda sad when it ends.
Irene ~ Florida